Gender-Neutral Colour Ideas for the Nursery

When you have a baby on the way, getting the nursery ready for their arrival is a truly exciting part of the planning process. Before you get carried away buying furniture and accessories, you'll need to think about how you're going to decorate it. This will help you when you come to the furnishing stage, as you'll have a solid colour scheme idea to match and complement.

Because certain colours are traditionally associated with different genders, you might feel cautious if you don't know the sex of the baby, but with some great neutral colour choices out there, you don't need to wait to decorate the room to a beautiful standard.

Bright sunshine

Yellow is one of the most common traditional choices for gender-neutral baby clothing and decorating, making it a solid choice. However, you don't need to just stick to pastel yellow tones for your baby's first room.

Mix it up with some bright, bold orange and perhaps small red accents to create a warm, sunny look that makes the room feel more cosy and comfortable.

Fresh forest shades

Bring the outdoors indoors with a mix of woody green shades accented with browns and perhaps a bit of orange.

This creates a striking colour scheme that mixes relaxing tones with just a hint of adventure and can look really classy with dark wood furnishings.

Pure white

The most simple choice is to avoid colour at all, for a clean, pure effect that brightens up smaller rooms. Maximise the effect with white furniture and accessories for a heavenly finish.

Pale neutrals

Grey, cream and light beige walls are a great choice for those who want a neutral look without the plain brightness of simple white.

You can use a range of different furniture colours to match the scheme, making the room feel quaint and comfortable. Alternatively, if you want to use more gendered colours after the baby is born, it's easy to do with extra pieces of furniture or ornaments.

Bold mixes

Just because you're avoiding gendered colours, it doesn't mean you can't have a bright, bold room. Using all the colours of the rainbow is a reliable way to bring plenty of happiness into your nursery, and it's perfect for boys and girls.

Alternative colour palettes can be based on just about anything – citrus fruits, tropical birds, the season your baby is born in. Your imagination is the only limit, and this is excellent for really creative parents.

Once you decide on a colour palette, get in touch with a local painter.