Choosing Paint Finishes for Your Commercial Premises

In business, first impressions are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the paint job of your office premises matches the impression that you would like potential and current clients to have. However, the hue is not the only aspect to consider when choosing paints for your commercial premises. It is also important to make the right selection of paint finishes to ensure the durability of your paint job as well as enhance the overall appearance of the space. The following brief guide can help you in choosing paint finishes for your office space.

Flat paint finishes

This type of paint finish is also referred to as a matte finish. It is one of the best options to consider if you are looking to camouflage glaring flaws in your walls to make the space look professional. Nonetheless, flat paint finishes are not glossy, so they do not have the ability to reflect light. Thus, they would not be suitable for communal areas, as they will make the space appear drab and gloomy. Instead, flat finishes should be used for ceilings or on walls in spaces that are not used on a regular basis such as the copy room, the filing room and more.

Eggshell paint finishes

This type of finish is characterised by having a slight sheen, so it has a higher capability of reflecting light when compared to matte finishes. Eggshell finishes are a convenient option for areas that endure some degree of foot traffic, as they are quite easy to clean. An eggshell finish would be great to add a professional touch to spaces such as a boardroom, where you would not want high reflectivity to distract your clients or employees when holding a meeting.

Satin paint finishes

Satin paint finishes tend to be confused with an eggshell finish, but the former has a higher degree of sheen when compared to the latter. The slightly glossy nature of the satin finish adds a subtle reflectivity to the space, making them ideal for areas where you would like enhanced reflectivity. In addition to this, satin paint finishes can be cleaned without the risk of the paint fading, making them ideal for areas such as the cafeteria, the office kitchen and the bathrooms.

High gloss paint finishes

As per their name, these paint finishes provide you with the highest degree of light reflectivity. The lacquer-like shine of the high gloss finish makes it suitable for spaces that need to be bright and airy such as a reception or a waiting room. The easy to clean nature of this finish also makes it perfect for high-traffic areas that are cleaned much more frequently than other places in your office space.