Choosing Colour Schemes That Will Stimulate Your Employees

Some business owners believe that for them to exude a sense of professionalism in their commercial premises, the walls should be painted in dull and bland colours that do not detract from the work at hand. The truth of the matter is painting your office premises in shades of white or grey will only work to make the property look drab while also failing to inspire your employees. As a result, the productivity of your business will not be at optimum. Not to mention that potential customers that visit the premises will be unimpressed. Making the most of the psychology of colour will not only boost the visual appeal of your office space but can also work to inspire your workers and boost office morale. So what colour schemes can you consider for commercial painting?

Blue colour scheme

If your employees need their minds constantly stimulated, in businesses such as software development, web design, coding and more, then a predominantly blue colour scheme would be a good choice for your office premises. Blue has the propensity of calming the mind without making your employees feel like they are tuning out from their job. Therefore, you will find that workers can become more productive by staying stimulated mentally for longer rather than experiencing burn out after several hours on the job. You can incorporate hints of orange to the overall colour scheme to balance the blue colour scheme by breaking the monotony while also offering additional stimulation.

Yellow colour scheme

For people who work in a creative field, you would need a colour scheme that can stimulate the ego. The reason for this is the ego is what is associated with creation and coming up with new ideas. The best colour that does this is yellow because it is vibrant and chirpy. A yellow colour scheme would boost the spirits of your employees as they walk in through the door, getting them ready to brainstorm and come up with fresh ideas or their job. Yellow is especially suitable for industries such as advertising, graphic design, web design, fashion design and a host of other creative fields.

Red colour scheme

Although red is typically associated with danger and potential hazards, it has vastly different connotations when it comes to commercial painting. Hues of red are known to stimulate physical activity. Therefore, red would make a suitable colour scheme for businesses that are associated with high energy. For example, if your employees are expected to be on the phone all the time with potential customers or looking for new business, such as at a call centre, hues of red would be ideal to keep their energy up. 

A team of commercial painters can make sure all the colours you choose suit the environment.