4 Up-And-Coming Interior Paint Trends To Consider For Your New Year Home Revamp

The New Year often brings about the desire for something new and different for many people. This may be a new career, a new haircut or simply a new look to freshen up the home. If you're thinking about revamping your home's interior this year, then repainting the walls is an easy yet highly effective way to change the look and feel of your home.

Whether you've kept up with changing trends over the years or your home hasn't seen a coat of fresh paint for a decade or more, you're most likely looking for contemporary and stylish colours for your home's new look. Here are four interior paint trends that are predicted to be popular in the coming year that you might like to consider.

1. Soft pastel colours

If you're not a fan of bold colour, then this year's range of soft, dusty pastels might be a great choice. This style of paint helps to make a room feel calm, relaxing and serene. The velvety, matte finish provides a muted glow and timeless elegance. Popular colours for pastel paints include duck egg blue, pale lilac, dusty rose pink and soft grey.

2. Rich jewel tones

If you'd like to make more of a statement with your colour palette, then paints in rich jewel tones may be ideal. These deep, decadent hues are inspired by gemstones such as ruby, amethyst, topaz and emerald. They add a feeling of old-world glamour and work well with any decor style, from ultra modern through to vintage, shabby-chic homes.

3. Juicy citrus hues

If you like your colours bright and fresh as well as bold, then the range of paint colours inspired by citrus fruits will help to add a zesty splash of colour to your home. Lemon, tangerine, lime and grapefruit provide modern yet nostalgic colours for this style and make a wonderful choice for a vibrant look in any room of the home.

4. Exotic earthy shades

For an earthy yet exotic look, shades that embrace the colours found in far-away destinations are an excellent option. Rusty terracottas, deep plums, cerulean blues and spicy reds will help to recreate the decor style of Morocco, Mexico or the Mediterranean in your home. These colours are designed to be mixed and matched so you can create a unique and rich look that suits your tastes.

Although it may be tempting to cut costs and attempt to do the painting work yourself, this is generally not a great idea. A trade-qualified painter will ensure that the finished look is immaculate and professional and does your home justice.