How To Choose A Suitable Colour Scheme For Your Office

Colour is an essential component in all aspects of life, and that's why it is essential to choose a suitable paint colour for your office. While it's advisable to hire a commercial painting expert to paint your office or commercial building, you still have to choose the best colour for the project. Your commercial painter may offer expert advice on various paint colours, but you still need to make the final choice.

A commercial painter understands that office colour psychology will affect how you and your employees work, including how productive they will be. Moreover, it also has an impact on how visitors evaluate and perceive your business. So, what are some of the primary paint colours you can consider to effectively present your company to both external and internal audiences alike? Read on to know more.


White is a colour that represents cleanliness and purity. Most people go for white because it's a safe bet, but in other cases, safe can be uninspiring and dull. However, the clarity it brings to any space can never be ignored. If you have to use it, ensure it is kept at a minimum, especially on break-out areas in the office kitchen. The last thing you want is to have an office that resembles a dentist's office –this might not be an ideal way to motivate your staff or attract clients.


Neutral colours are a great choice for office spaces. Other than offering a modern appearance, colours like grey and beige look professional. Be cautious about using dark colours to paint the entire office. Just like white, dark colours may feel monotonous. These colours may not make a significant, bold statement. So, if you'd like to grab people's attention, be sure to go for bright colours instead. Lighter colours are also suitable for smaller rooms since they make the rooms look larger.


Yellow is an emotional colour that represents friendliness, confidence, creativity, and hopefulness. If you intend to stimulate happiness, creativity and positivity in your workplace, consider incorporating yellow into your office colour scheme.


Another popular colour choice for commercial spaces is blue. This is an intellectual colour that is suitable for creative lines of work. Other than being welcoming, shades of blue represent communication, efficiency and logic. So, if your company entails mental strain and focus, be sure to choose blue. It's always advisable to choose a more soothing and soft colour, perhaps with grey traces, to get better results.

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