Choosing Colour Schemes That Will Stimulate Your Employees

Some business owners believe that for them to exude a sense of professionalism in their commercial premises, the walls should be painted in dull and bland colours that do not detract from the work at hand. The truth of the matter is painting your office premises in shades of white or grey will only work to make the property look drab while also failing to inspire your employees. As a result, the productivity of your business will not be at optimum. [Read More]

Choosing Paint Finishes for Your Commercial Premises

In business, first impressions are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the paint job of your office premises matches the impression that you would like potential and current clients to have. However, the hue is not the only aspect to consider when choosing paints for your commercial premises. It is also important to make the right selection of paint finishes to ensure the durability of your paint job as well as enhance the overall appearance of the space. [Read More]

Two factors to consider before choosing paint for your home interior

Having your home interior repainted is one of the best ways to quickly improve its overall appearance and potentially even increase the property's value. However, choosing the right paint for this task can be quite tricky. Here are two of the most important factors which you should take into consideration when making your selection. Colour One of the most crucial factors which you'll need to carefully consider is, of course, the colour of the paint you choose for each room of your home. [Read More]

Different Rollers You Can Purchase For DIY Paint Projects

DIY painting offers you an economical solution to sprucing up the interior or exterior of your home. A mistake homeowners make though, is concentrating on the quality of the paint they will use and overlooking the medium that they will use to apply the paint. Using a low-quality roller for your paint project may seem cheap, especially if you do not plan to repaint your home again. However, cheap rollers will result in an amateurish paint job, which may necessitate repainting anyway. [Read More]